Thieves, vandals in Memphis targeting air conditioner units

WATCH: Protecting your air conditioning unit from being stolen

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Thieves in Memphis are making sweltering nights even worse by either stealing or vandalizing air conditioning units.

According to police reports, at least one person called MPD every day in the last month because their A/C unit was stolen.

And this type of crime can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs.

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One homeowner told FOX13 their unit was stolen 10 days ago – valued at $6,000.

“I am sure they wanted the parts that were in there, and no one was at home, so they took advantage,” said Cheryl Tubbs.

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Tubbs was not only upset, she had to endure the heat with no air conditioning.

According to the Memphis police cyberwatch website, there have been nearly 40 cases since July 12 where homeowners reported their air conditioners stolen or vandalized.

FOX13 discovered the crooks are stealing units from all over the city, but these zip codes show where most of the crimes have been reported:

  • 38109 – 6 stolen units
  • 38127 – 4 stolen units
  • 38106 – 4 stolen units
  • 38115 – 4 stolen units

The owners of another home that is under renovation had a $3,700 central A/C unit stolen two weeks ago.

The thieves most likely stole the units for the copper wire. That precious metal has actually dropped from its high value in 2018, according to NASDAQ.

Some of the crooks are also stealing window units, which is what happened to another home.

Memphis police have a program called “Copper Stoppers” if you know anyone who is stealing air conditioner units for the metal.

That number is the same number as Crime Stoppers – 528-CASH.