THP brings Operation Grizzly Bear to an end, what happens next?

WATCH: THP brings Operation Grizzly Bear to an end, what happens next?

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — During Operation Grizzly Bear, Tennessee Highway Patrol brought in 30 additional troopers to reduce aggressive driving.

Before the increased enforcement, there were at least 32 interstate shootings, but during the program, there were only two interstate shootings.

During the 6-week operation, troopers issued more than 2,000 citations with most being for people who weren't wearing a seatbelt and speeding.

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Marvin Kelley drives the I-240 loop almost every day and said he felt safer when there were additional troops on the highway.

He told FOX13, "it's a good thing especially after having heard about the interstate shootings, I was thinking this is very proactive and good for our city."

Now that the operation is coming to an end, some drivers are wondering what happens next.

"That's a little concerning, but I'm hoping it set a precedent to let people know that hey our city will take action if there are issues and sends a strong message that this kind of behavior won't be tolerated," Kelley also said.

A Tennessee Highway Patrol spokesperson told FOX13 that they're evaluating what else troopers can do to reduce aggressive driving.

Troopers said there will still be some troopers on the roadway during peak hours and with holiday season coming up troopers will increase enforcement again toward the end of the year.

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Lt. William Futrell told FOX13 news, "Normally during travel season we have right before it we have a trooper stationed every 20 miles across the state on I-40 also bring in extra manpower to help slow down and help motorists who may break down on the highway."

MPD also beefed up enforcement on the highway since January and made more than 1,800 interstate arrests and recovered 105 weapons.