THP launched 'Operation Incognito' to suppress distracted driving

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. — The Tennessee Highway Safety Office and several local law enforcement agencies launched Operation Incognito in the Memphis area Monday.

It will last all week, and its goal is to decrease distracted driving.

Shelby County Sheriff’s Office’s Faith Hill told FOX13 distracted driving was more than texting.

“It could be as simple as eating, drinking, fiddling with your radio, your navigational system,” she said.

Officers will pull over people if they’re driving distracted.

They also put several law enforcement officers on a MATA bus to spot them easily.

THSO’s Karla Lipford said it’s because too many people believe distracted driving injuries will not happen to them.

“Oh I can send a text, oh it’s not going to happen to me,” she said. “Those are famous last words from a lot of people that are now deceased.”

Around ten people in the United States die every day due to distracted driving.

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