Three brothers rape woman in hotel room, police say

Woman raped by three brothers at Memphis hotel, police say

Memphis police arrested two brothers for raping a woman at a local hotel, police said.

Detectives wrote in the arrest affidavits that the victim was talking to Calvin Robinson. The two agreed to get a hotel room together on the 2700 block of Airways Boulevard.

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But when the victim was picked up, Calvin was not alone. Courtez Robinson and his other brother, who was not named in the affidavit, were also in the car.

While they were driving, the three men asked her to perform sex acts on them, but she refused. She also asked to be taken back because she did not feel comfortable with all the men in the car.

The woman noticed that one of the men had a gun in his pocket.

They arrived at the hotel room, pulled her on the bed, and she was raped by all three men, according to police documents.

Calvin and Courtez told police they split the hotel room because they thought she was in a bad situation with another man. The two denied any sexual contact with the victim.

Courtez and Calvin Robinson are charged with Aggravated Rape. It is not clear if the third brother has been arrested.