Three indicted for illegally living in Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In just the last few days, FOX13 found three criminals the federal government said were living in America illegally who have been indicted for doing just that.

Acting U.S. Attorney Larry Laurenzi said, “We're seeing a lot more criminal illegal immigrants. We are seeing more of these indictments than we have in the past.”

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Laurenzi said the recent indictments are not part of the ice roundup that captured headlines at the end of July. He added, “The boarder still presents a great passage way back over into this country, but we do have a number of people who have entered this country illegally living in the Mid-South.”

Immigration agents focus on catching anyone living here illegally.

Laurenzi’s office differs by focusing on prosecuting violent, criminal, repeat offenders giving the example that “one individual was deported 15 times. Another individual was deported 10 times.”

Hispanic advocates have been vocal in recent weeks over what they call unfair targeting.

Casey Bryant, the legal director for Latino Memphis, is one of them.

“The Trump Administration has used criminality as a means to validate the activities that they've been doing and the shift in policy to be more hostile towards immigrant people,” Bryant said.

The recent indictments show these people are involved with alleged drug activity.