Three masked suspects wanted for multiple grocery store robberies in Memphis, owners say

WATCH: Three masked suspects wanted for multiple grocery store robberies in Memphis, owners say

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis police need your help to catch three suspects who robbed two small, neighborhood grocery stores in Raleigh.

The owners told FOX13 the suspects moved quickly and grabbed a lot of money.

The burglaries happened on Wednesday and on Sunday. The crooks stole $8,000 and caused thousands of dollars in damages.

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The owners believe the same people are responsible for both crimes. It can take months to recover, but they are increasing security and hope someone turns the suspects in.

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A new back door was installed because the three thieves broke the original to get inside Casa Perez. Once inside, the hooded and masked suspects ran through the store.

"Everybody initially was scared and shocked that something like that could happen," said Vanessa Miranda, an employee who was there during the robbery.

The suspects, in both incidents days apart, wore the same clothes before running through the store and grabbing cash.

“They were wearing gloves, had their faces covered up. By their body language you can tell it is the same people,” Miranda said.

The Raleigh area is no stranger to crime, but that particular area has had issues with shoplifting and car break-ins recently.

The last burglary was reported in March. Casa Perez has been in business for four years – it has done well catering to the growing Latino community.

This unsolved crime has cost the store owner more than $11,000 – the money stolen plus costs to repair the damage.

Anyone with information regarding the incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH.