• Three people injured in Tipton County shooting

    By: Tom Dees


    MASON, Tenn. - FOX13 News has learned as many as three people were shot, according to Mason Police Chief D.T. Yarborough.

    Chief Yarborough told FOX13 News the shooting happened around 9:15 Monday night in the parking lot of the Volunteer Mart.

    Mason Police Chief said off camera there were multiple shell casings on the ground and he believed at least three different guns were used.

    "I heard them gunshots and I tried to get out-of-the-way," Ephram Collier said.

    Collier was nearly caught in the middle of a gunfight he was standing next to his car with his girlfriend when the shooting started.

    "I prayed to the Lord because I wasn't shot neither was my girl it could've been worse," Collier said.

    "I come up here and I see cops everywhere," Corey Booker said.

    Booker works near where the shooting happened

    "I heard it was a shooting and I can't do nothing but pray about it," Booker said.

    Police told FOX13 two victims were taken to Regional One and are listed in stable condition.

    Investigators shared with FOX13 that a third victim turned up briefly at a hospital in Arkansas, but they eventually left.

    That victim was shot in the neck and the hospital is worried he could bleed to death.

    "It was a bunch of crazy it ain't worth it I don't know what it was," Collier said. 

    More information on the triple shooting in Mason, Tenn. from Tom Dees tonight at FOX13 News at 5:30 p.m.


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