Three rushed to hospital after Whitehaven shootings

MEMPHIS, TN — From the outside looking in, you can see the area is covered in trash and several units are boarded up.  Some who call a Whitehaven apartment complex home, told FOX 13 things are even worse inside.

"I don't come out," one man told us.

He did not want his identity revealed, but did say he felt like a prisoner in his own home.

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"When I come out the door I pray to God, 'Bless my soul as I walk to the store,' he explained.

Tuesday night, police were called to the New Horizon complex along Cazassa Road.  When detectives arrived, they found three people gunned down in the area.   One victim is believed to be a teenager.

"That boy was 15 years old they got shot," the unnamed resident explained.

"If the area sounds or looks familiar, you may remember in 2012 the District Attorney stepped in to close the complex after it was deemed a nuisance.  Some still living in the area, say the same may need to happen again.

"From nowhere a guy just tapped my window and he just got the shooting," another man recalled.

The man shot told FOX 13, he is still living in fear.  He survived after being shot twice inside the complex back in 2015.

"I woke up about a week later,” he recalled.  “They performed surgery on me. The doctor started crying, she was like 'you survived,’” he said.

The unidentified man said the gunman didn't take anything tangible after nearly taking his life.  But, what was taken was the sense of security for the father of six.

"I survived by the grace of God. I survived,” he said.  “They need to do the right thing and close those apartments down."

FOX 13 reached out to management at the complex, who declined to comment.

If you have any information that could help detectives, call CRIMESTOPPERS at (901) 528-CASH.