Tipsters that help police find Lorenzen Wright's killer, might earn big pay day

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — New tips are being called into Crimestoppers after police announced Thursday that they found a gun used in Lorenzen Wright’s murder.

FOX13 has learned at least two calls have come in regarding information in the murder in the last 24 hours.

The program’s director said the calls were the first regarding Wright’s murder in years. The reward money in the case is set at $21,000.

FOX13 learned that could change, but if someone does help lead police to Lorenzen Wright's killer, they will get a substantial reward.
How much though, is a little unclear right now.
According to Crimestoppers Director Buddy Chapman, $1,000 is guaranteed because of Crimestoppers. The rest of the money is a little more up in the air.
Here's the breakdown. The City of Memphis contributed $5,000. The Memphis Grizzlies put up $5,000. The state matched those contributions with $10,000.
Chapman told FOX13 he believes the contributions still stand, but he is going to check and make sure.

“An announcement will be made early next week,” Chapman said.

Whatever the amount though, if someone helps solve Wright’s murder, they will provide relief to a family who has waited seven years.