TN lawmakers react to James Wiseman NCAA battle of eligibility, take action

WATCH: Lawmakers fight for Wiseman

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis tigers star freshman James Wiseman continues to make headlines, the latest surrounds his eligibility in high school.

Wiseman started his high school career at Ensworth in Nashville before transferring to East High in Memphis.

In high school, Wiseman played AAU ball for team Penny, led by Penny Hardaway.

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Hardaway was also the coach at East at the time of Wiseman's transfer in 2017.

Wiseman was ruled ineligible at East High during the 2017-18 school year after Memphis judge Jim Kyle ruled in favor of the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association, citing the coaching link rule.

The rule doesn't allow student athletes to transfer to another school to play for a coach they've already played for in the pervious 12 months.

The TSSAA ruled him ineligible, but he was able to play his final two years of high school after being granted an injunction.

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Will this impact Wiseman's current eligibility situation with the NCAA?

That's not fully known at the moment, but the next steps will become clear soon with his eligibility hearing set for next Monday on Nov. 18.

Wiseman's story has reached the state government level with a couple government officials are taking an interest in this story

Senator Brian Kelsey announced Tuesday that he's adding language to his California style bill to allow athletes to profit from their likeness.

"A free education is not adequate compensation for talented athletes who put their health and/or future earnings at stake when playing college sports. These are extremely rigorous programs which bring in a lot of money. The NCAA has turned a blind eye to these players' civil rights, forcing college athletes to work without adequate compensation for too long.  It is time to reform college athletics, so these players have an opportunity to be compensated for their talent, as well as their labor," said Sen. Kelsey in a press release.

The new language also wouldn't allow the NCAA to discriminate against a player based on their coach's donations to the university.

Congressman David Kustoff announced as well he's investigating the NCAA's history of injustice toward student athletes.

"The NCAA has a history of unfair practices and playing favorites, and it's time they face up to their improper conduct. I look forward to investigating their actions and doing what I can to ensure greater transparency for all student-athletes," said Rep. Kustoff in a press release.

Wiseman and the Memphis tigers are still playing ball. The 13th ranked tigers are out west tonight to face 14th ranked Oregon.