Top 60 delinquent taxpayers owe nearly $10 million in back taxes to Shelby County

WATCH: Top 60 delinquent taxpayers owe nearly $10 million in back taxes to Shelby County

SHELBY CO., Tenn. — Dozens of companies owe millions of dollars in back taxes to Shelby County.

Some of these delinquent taxpayers own one piece of property, but others on the list own hundreds of them.

FOX13 found out a majority of these are commercial properties, and some are vacant lots.

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However, the county trustee told FOX13 those properties on vacant lots are still generating tax dollars that commissioners could use in their budget.

The Shelby County Trustee's office released this list of the top 60 delinquent taxpayers who owe nearly $10 million in outstanding taxes.

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On the list, 22 of these taxpayers will have their properties sold for tax sale, and eight of them are on payment plans.

“There’s some we can’t do anything about. Some that are either in bankruptcy or they’re under appeal, they’re appealing their property assessment. Some that have environment hazards on them,” said Regina Newman, a Shelby County Trustee.

One of those properties with environmental issues is owned by Claudia and Paul Piper. The trustee said they owe $750,000 in back taxes.

FOX13 called to ask why they hadn’t paid their taxes in 10 years, but the number was disconnected.

Some taxpayers owned only one piece of property, but others like ‘Your Home LLC’ own 374. FOX13 reached out to them but have yet to hear back.

Newman said these taxpayers who aren’t paying have an impact on those who pay on time.

“The government has to function. The county commission makes a budget based on what’s going to come in in taxes. If these people aren’t paying and you are then you’re paying someone else’s share,” said Newman.

She said delinquent taxes made up about $21 million in the FY2019 and FY2020 budgets.

“But an influx of $10 million when the budget is short $4 million this year or the mayor wants to do this or the county commission wants to do that, that’s a huge chunk of money,” said Newman.

That list doesn’t include those that owe city taxes.