• Troubled deli to reopen and address nuisance issues

    By: Tony Atkins


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - UPDATE: 

    The deli is going to be allowed to reopen following certain criteria to discourage criminal activity. 

    The business owner agreed to install security lighting and surveillance cameras, allow Memphis Police to access the cameras, hire a security guard to monitor outside the store where nuisance activity is alleged to have occurred, pay $300 restitution to offset a portion of the MPD investigation, and place No Trespassing signs outside the store and authorize police to enforce the no trespassing order.



    A Memphis corner store was shut down Thursday after being declared a public nuisance by police. 

    According to MPD, the Express Deli and Grocery in the 1200 block of Jefferson Avenue had a history of criminal activity and incidents that required officers on scene. 

    An investigation by MPD’s organized crime unit showed 69 calls to police between June 2016 and September 2018 for incidents at or surrounding the store.

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    According to a release, those calls resulted in at least 43 incident reports and 29 arrests – 17 felony arrests and 12 for drug-related offenses. 

    The store’s owner – Fatima Saeidi – is scheduled for a hearing at 10:30 a.m. Monday before Judge Patrick Dandridge. 

    Authorities said Saeidi will be asked to show “why the temporary injunction/restraining order should not be made permanent.”

    Police said the store attracts loiterers, crack cocaine traffickers and is the site of “illegal and dangerous activity.” 

    According to MPD, undercover detectives purchased crack cocaine from people hanging out at the location on multiple occasions. 

    The corner store is near two churches and a school, which police cited as another area of concern.

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