• Truck driver stopping in Memphis for dinner kidnapped, robbed at gunpoint

    By: Jeremy Pierre


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - An out-of-state truck driver is safe after being kidnapped and robbed Saturday night at a Memphis truck stop.

    The truck driver told FOX13 the suspects released him Sunday morning in West Memphis.


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    Edrick Dunn said he never stops in Memphis when driving loads to and from Illinois to Texas.

    “I wish I would have never come to Memphis,” Dunn said.

    Instead, he wished he just kept going.

    Memphis police told FOX13 around 2 p.m. Saturday evening, Dunn parked his 18-wheeler in the parking lot behind Pilot Truck Stop and later walked to the Church’s Chicken right across the street.

    “They took my chicken by the way and ate it right there in front of me,” Dunn said.

    Police said after ordering his food, three men who were waiting for Dunn outside approached him with a gun and brought him to their car, which police describe as a silver Buick Enclave.

    Dunn said the suspects held a gun to his head and demanded his wallet, keys, and cell phone.

    “I don’t know. My mind was wandering everywhere. My whole life flashed in front of me,” Dunn said.

    Dunn said the men forced him to call his bank so that they could hear how much was in his bank account, and then they demanded the pin number for his debit card.

    “I didn’t know how much money they got until this morning,” Dunn said.

    MPD said after almost eight hours, the suspects and Dunn returned to the Pilot to pick up his 18-wheeler.

    Sunday morning, Dunn said one suspect rode with him in the truck to West Memphis, Arkansas, but that individual got out at the MLK exit and got into another car that had been following them.

    Police told FOX13 the suspects took thousands of dollars during the robbery. 

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