Tunica casinos worried about lottery coming to Mississippi

WATCH: Tunica casinos worried about lottery coming to Mississippi

TUNICA COUNTY, Miss. — The Mississippi lottery is set to start selling scratch off tickets in November.

We learned the casinos in Tunica are worried because there will soon be more options for gamblers.

We talked to Tunica County leaders and the concern is the state lottery could have a negative effect on casino gaming.

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Multiple county officials, who did not on camera, told us there is concern is the lottery will pull gamblers away from the casinos.

One woman told us she doesn't see what all the fuss is about.

“I don't think it will affect it at all,” said Charmin Houck. “I don't think anyone hardly goes to the casinos anymore do they."

Casino officials, who also did not go on camera, told us they don't think the lottery will have any impact on the casinos.

Tunica County businessman Harold Mea told us he likes the fact that he won't have to drive to Tennessee to get a lottery ticket, and he can keep his money here in Mississippi.

Mea said the casinos here have other things to worry about.

Locals think the Southland Casino in Arkansas is a bigger threat to Tunica casinos – not the state lottery.

Some locals said the lottery crowd and the casino crowd are different. Others will wait to see what happens when gas stations start selling lottery tickets near the casinos.

Those residents who don't live close to the casinos, but like to gamble, will get the chance to go to the store and get lottery tickets.

County officials will wait and see what impact lottery tickets will have on gaming.

Tunica County had to make cuts to many departments in the county this year due to a drop-in gaming revenue and their concerns over gaming and the impact it could have on the county reach to all county departments.

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