Tunica county living paycheck to paycheck after gaming revenue drops

WATCH: Tunica county living paycheck to paycheck after gaming revenue drops

TUNICA COUNTY, Miss. — A Mid-South county known for its gambling revenue is having a hard time paying its bills.

Tunica county is holding off paying a million dollars in bills this month after the attorney general's opinion that the county can no longer borrow from its road fund if it comes up short.

The county is also trying to adjust to a loss of gaming revenue.

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Tunica County supervisor James Dunn said the county will have to wait until the gaming revenue check from the state hits its bank account Dec 10 to finish paying its bills this month.

"We really haven't done this in the past following this procedure. Normally in the past we just had a surplus of revenue but a large percentage of that was road department revenue," said Dunn.

Dunn said that was how things were done for 15 years. But a recent opinion from the attorney general called for the county to change ways and not dip into the road fund anymore.

"That will allow us to get back on track and be within the opinion and law that was issued by the attorney general's office," said Dunn.

Dunn said spending cuts and property taxes coming in after the first of the year should ensure the county is not in this position again.

FOX13 found that casinos and the Convention and Visitors Bureau are running ads nationwide for people to come to Tunica to spend money on gaming.

Still, Dunn said that decreasing gaming revenue is a concern.

"The cuts that are being made by the county, that has been a slow and hard process, but we definitely have to do that based on his opinion."