Tunica Mayor hopes to have sewage pump fixed soon

WATCH: Tunica Mayor hopes to have sewage pump fixed soon

TUNICA, Miss. — A temporary fix for a sewage problem is causing a different kind of pollution for some folks in Tunica.

Three weeks ago, a sewage pumping station on the north end of town went out. A diesel generator operated pump was put in its place but is a noisy solution.

Tunica mayor, Chuck Cariker, said new parts are on the way and should be in by the end of the week.

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He told FOX13, there’s no doubt that the diesel pump being used is loud but for now this bypass system is the only option until the city gets the parts in to get the system fixed.

“If we didn’t have the bypass system there would be hundreds of residents that didn’t have any sewer flow and it would be backing up into their houses,” said Cariker.

Russel Forde lives down the street from the pump and said it’s noisy but there’s no other option.

“If the city hasn’t come in and done what they did we wouldn’t have any commodes to flush or anything,” said Forde. “I’m just saying for people to just bear with it, and they will get it fixed.”

Mayor Cariker said he wants the pump fixed before Thanksgiving, so people don’t have to listen to the noise over the holiday.

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