• Two arrested for home invasion in East Memphis, police say

    By: Siobhan Riley


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Memphis police arrested two people for an armed robbery and home invasion, according to court records.

    Colby Lamberts and Deshnde James were charged with aggravated robbery and robbery burglary.

    Police records said the suspects broke into a house on the 3500 block of Spottswood Avenue and robbed the people inside the home. 

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    One of the victims told police he heard a loud noise coming from the front door and then was struck in the back of the head. 

    Another victim reported that he came downstairs after hearing the noise and one of the suspects hit him in the face with the pistol.

    The victim told police the suspect demanded money and took the victim to the living room, where the first suspect was standing over a victim with a pistol, according to the police report.

    Neighbors said they feel a sense of relief after the arrests of two men accused of armed robbery and home invasion.

    “They should be arrested, they should be taken to jail and put away and not getting back out and doing the same sh**,” said Alyssa Poe who lives in the neighborhood.

    Neighbors told FOX13 they are used to hearing about crime in their East Memphis neighborhood and want to see a stronger police presence.

    “Over here, there’s always a shooting or home invasion, there’s always stuff going on,” Poe said. “I think the street probably needs more security because we’re right by the University of Memphis, I live a street over and it’s not safe."

    “Another victim who was upstairs came downstairs after hearing the noise, a suspect hit him in the face with the pistol.  The suspects kept demanding the money and took $1500 dollars in cash that was on the table.

    “I carry a knife and taser around just because I don’t feel safe,” Poe said. 

    Some neighbors in the area say the recent crime makes them want to move out of the neighborhood.

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