Two people injured in MATA Bus Crash

A MATA bus was involved in a crash a little before 6 am on Wednesday.

Almost 1,000 car accidents have taken place in Memphis since Friday because of the icy roads. 
It is an issue Lula Jones said she takes seriously.

“This is dangerous to be driving on, but you have to get to work to pay your bills and all this, so you got to get to work,” she said.

Police told FOX13 two people were transported to the hospital in non-critical condition.

One was from the bus, the other from the car involved. A MATA spokesperson said the car hit the bus.

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“It shook the house so hard,” Jones said. “It was scary.”

Jones lives two houses down from the intersection where the bus crash happened, and said several cars were damaged in that spot over the weekend.

“The other day when I was trying to fix the gate, the truck came around and turned, and he was coming toward me as I was bent down,” she said.

“And, my sister yelled, so I got up and ran. Cause he could have ran me over, that’s how fast he was sliding.”

MPD has not told us if the bus victim was the driver or a passenger.