Two small communities in Arkansas without water

ARKANSAS — More than 1,000 people have been without water in Arkansas for more than six days. Officials said the pump broke that provides water for the cities of Lake View and Oneida, Arkansas.

For the sixth day in a row, Ronnell Williams was filling his buckets.

"It's been hell man. Just been rough man."

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He's one of many in Lake View and Oneida without water.

“I have to buy bottled water all day, every day, not just for me but for other members of my family,” said Ronnell Williams.

Last Thursday, the area's water pump broke, leaving more than a thousand people desperate.

“I just came to get some water, some drinking water.”

People, like mother Marquita Truitt and her two young sons.

“When you are used to not living with something, it's kind of difficult. But I am not pointing fingers I'm just ready for it to get fixed,” said Truitt.

“I know that there are elderly people in this neighborhood, crippled folks in this neighborhood, and all of them need water,” said Kent Clemons Assistant Chief at the nearby Barton-Lexa Fire Department.

Barton-Lexa was helping provide water to the community with a water tank.

“Folks finally brought this other truck today,” said Clemons. “Our truck is been here all the other days.”

That other truck is the Arkansas Army National Guard's, which was deployed to the area Wednesday morning.

“This is called a hippo. A water hippo. It holds 2,000 gallons of water,” said Staff Sgt. Steve Heard

After just ten hours residents had already guzzled nearly half the hippo's tank, proof of the intense need.

“Once we set up, they came out, so I did filling their containers up with water, and they seem real appreciative,” said Staff Sgt. Heard.

Until water is back on at home though, everyday tasks will be a burden for residents in the area.

“I drive about 20 miles a day to take a hot shower,” said Williams.

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson’s office told FOX13 that they had just received a letter Wednesday night asking the state to help pay for a replacement pump. The Lake View Mayor, Darrin Davis, told FOX13 that pump would cost between $13,000 and $30,000.

The Mayor also said the water should be back on Thursday, and at the latest Friday morning. He said the pump was installed in the late 1960’s and there were so warning signs it would break down.