University of Memphis President delays raising wages to $15 an hour

WATCH: University of Memphis President delays raising wages to $15 an hour

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Dr. David Rudd, President of the University of Memphis, met with students, faculty, and staff members Tuesday afternoon to talk about raising wages.

President David Rudd has previously posted on Twitter in July that he had a plan to raise wages to $15 within two years.

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Tuesday President Rudd told FOX13 he does not have a written plan just yet.

When asked why there isn't a plan in place yet, Rudd said he couldn't create a plan until next spring during budget season because that's when he will now how much the state is contributing to the University and how much money they're getting from tuition.

"Once we know where the growth is, we're able to talk factually about it in a way that is consistent and accurately, and we know where we're going, and we're not creating unrealistic expectations about it," Rudd said.

Rudd said he also doesn't know how much it would cost to improve pay because an increase wouldn't just affect the 300 workers making minimum wages, it would also include those making right above it.

"So if you have someone who works as a supervisor of someone and you just increased their salary to that of the supervisor, that’s not acceptable in terms of those positions and those standards so it ripples up I don’t have the accurate cost for the ripple up," Rudd said.

Right now there are about 300 campus employees who make minimum wage, which is $11.11 an hour.

Throughout the meeting, President Rudd said he's confident they can come up with a plan for $15 an hour in two years.

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