University of Memphis residents on alert after multiple burglaries

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The University of Memphis area is on high alert after multiple homes were burglarized over the weekend.

Thieves hit multiple houses in a matter of minutes and got away with thousands.

Memphis police think the thieves may be responsible for other burglaries from weeks prior.

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While most University of Memphis students were still on winter break, criminals were more active than ever.

“Kind of seems like my house was the jackpot for them,” said senior Chad Riesenbeck.

Riesenbeck came home Sunday morning to his back door pried open.

“They got away with my smart TV, my Xbox then an Apple Watch, my iPad, laptop and an Apple TV and then some other miscellaneous stuff,” he said.

Some of the stolen items were Christmas gifts that were still in their boxes.

“I mean it was kind of heartbreaking,” said Riesenbeck.

Just one street over on Spottswood, two homes were hit during the same time span.

“I started laughing about it, then I started crying. Then I called my mom. Then I called the cops,” said Abby Thomas, a junior.

In multiple cases, the criminals actually got a brick or rock to smash out back glass in order to get into the home.

Abby Thomas and her roommates were also a jackpot.

“They stole $3,000-$4000 worth of stuff,” she said.

Chad and Abby were far from the only victims.

“The cop said two doors down also got broken into,” she said. “I heard that a house right down here, down the street got hit about a week ago,” said Riesenbeck.

Now these victims are hoping their fellow students will be more aware so their new year will be off to a better start.

Police have not made any arrests, but they did pull a fingerprint off at least one doorknob.

They are urging people in the area to lock their doors and look out for their neighbors.