• Untreated leak leads to collapsed ceiling in Memphis apartment

    By: Tony Atkins


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - An untreated leak led to a collapsed ceiling in a Memphis family’s apartment. 

    This was the latest incident in a long string of problems residents at the Eden at Watersedge Apartments have reported in the past year. 

    Renters have called city officials to the complex to look at problems over 80 times since the beginning of 2017. 

    Quailon McGhee said the past few months at the complex have been rough. 

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    He blames the ceiling collapse on a nagging leak from the apartments upstairs. Now, his floors are lined with mold. 

    “It’s mildew, it’s bugs,” McGhee said. “It’s ants and everything.”

    As FOX13 interviewed McGhee, maintenance arrived to begin fixing the leak. 

    They said tenant neglect of an adjacent unit led to leaks, which led to the collapse. 

    FOX13 reached out to the Better Business Bureau about the apartment complex. They give it an “F” rating, citing routine failures to respond to a pattern of complaints.

    The city said Code Enforcement received more than 80 service requests since the beginning of last year from this complex. 

    City officials also said the complex is due in court for issues with air conditioning units on July 27. 

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