• Victim: Mom said stepdad raping her was OK because 'it would keep the family together'


    An inmate at 201 Poplar is suing Shelby County District Attorney Amy Weirich. He claims he shouldn’t be housed at the Memphis jail because the crime he committed happened in a different state.

    The allegation is that he raped and impregnated his step-daughter.  He used her testimony about the incident as part of his plea to move to the jail in West Memphis.

    FOX13 is not naming the man who filed the lawsuit because of his relation to the alleged victim. In the suit, he asked a judge to release him from 201 Poplar because “the victim stated herself in an interview that she was allegedly raped in West Memphis, AR.” 

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    The lawsuit includes two pages of depositions from his step-daughter. In them, she claims she was 14 years old when her step-dad started to have sex with her.

    When asked how her mother reacted when she told her, the girl told investigators her mom said, “it was ok and you are doing it for me and it would help keep the family together.”

    In the deposition, the alleged victim claimed she gave birth to her step-dad’s daughter. At the time of the deposition the girl was four years old. The alleged victim said a paternity test had not been done, but she told investigators she did not sleep with anyone else. The girl went on to say her step-dad would get mad when she would talk to him about boys.

    FOX13 asked the Memphis Police Department why the man is being held at 201 Poplar. We were told “he was arrested based on offenses that occurred in Memphis, TN.”

    District Attorney Amy Weirich’s Office provided the following statement: “This is a pending case in criminal court. You should follow it there if you’re interested.” 

    FOX13 asked the West Memphis Police Department and Crittenden County Prosecutor’s Office for a comment.  We also asked both agencies if the mother could face charges. They did not respond.  

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