• Victim stabbed in the chest reveals trauma inside Regional One ER

    By: Zach Crenshaw


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - “It’s like a nightmare in there.”
    We know what happens at the crime scenes, and in the court rooms, but one aspect of Mid-South violence rarely seen is what goes on behind the doors of Regional One.

    A recent stabbing victim, who has been in the hospital the past week, spoke with FOX13 Wednesday night about what the region’s top level one trauma center was like on the inside. 

    After living in Memphis 31 years, Courtney Harris said his eyes were opened, literally and figuratively, when he woke up in Regional One’s ICU last Thursday after being stabbed in the chest.
    “Laid up in the ICU, trauma center. Don't know when you going to die,” said Harris.
    Harris was not sure he would be outside again, after he was stabbed during a fist fight last Thursday. 


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    “I'm stapled from the top all the way down here. Holes on the side.

    “Kids ain't even 17, 18 years old coming in here. Back to back to back,” Harris said. 

    Harris considers himself lucky though after seeing other patients.

    “You wouldn't know how the regional is looking from the outside. Because the looks on the outside can be way deceiving from the inside,” said Harris. 

    “It might not look too crowded but you go in there and you see people crying. Walking around, night gowns on, bleeding. Folks dying,” he said.
    More than 40,000 people visited the hospital’s Emergency Room in one year, according to U.S. News and World Report.

    Fantastic doctors and nurses make sure of them live. Others do not make it though.
    “I witnessed three females come in here. One died,” said Harris. “A few minutes ago, some guys [came in]. Just one died.”

    Harris told me his six nights in a hospital gown were life changing.

    “It ain’t worth it.”

    Harris hopes his words will prevent at least one person from learning the hard way.

    “Half the stuff going on here in Memphis ain't even worth it. You going to think about it once you’re laying here.”

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