• Victim's family wants MPD to arrest known suspect weeks after home invasion

    By: Zach Crenshaw


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - One family is fed up waiting on a call back from detectives.

    Relatives of a home invasion victim said they want the suspect off the streets or at least his mugshot on the news.

    The justifiable homicide happened on January 4th, off Jolson. It was classified as the first homicide of the year.

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    Two men tried to rob a homeowner at gunpoint. One suspect was shot and killed, and the other ran off.

    “He got into a struggle, one of the guys lost his life,” said Sheila Anderson, the victim’s cousin.

    That night family said the victim told police who the second suspect was because they knew each other. Weeks later though, there has not been an arrest or a warrant issued.

    “He told law enforcement and nothing has happened,” said Anderson.

    The Memphis Police Department would not confirm the suspect’s identity, and no warrant has been issued either.

    But detectives are aware of the alleged suspect, who has not only been arrested multiple times, but even convicted of aggravated bobbery and sentenced to eight years.

    “You know who this clown is, and he is still running around free, and he got a long criminal record. I don't understand why warrant hasn't been issued for him, know what I'm saying,” said “Knitty”, another one of the victim’s cousin.

    Family members said the suspect who ran off called the victim that night and told him to change his story. Now relatives are worried he might come back and target the man again.

    “We have to wonder and worry, is he going to come back? Is it over or what?” said Anderson.

    “[My cousin] is not the same person,” said Knitty.

    All these cousins want is for their loved one to feel safe again, and for police to make an arrest.

    “You want us to help? We've given it to you. What else can we do?” asked Anderson.

    “We need some type of closure before somebody else becomes a victim. Real talk,” said Knitty.

    The MPD said the investigation is ongoing, and sometimes police search for the suspect locally before issuing a warrant.

    As for the family, they told FOX13’s Zach Crenshaw they had been waiting weeks on a call from the detective. A few hours after our interview, the detective called.

    We will continue to follow this story and update it if a warrant is issued or if an arrest is made.

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