Video: Adults join fight between students at Memphis high school

Video: Adults join fight between students at Memphis high school

A fight broke out inside Overton High Tuesday. Fists were flying inside the Shelby County school, not only between students, but police said two women went inside the school to jump in.

Keefer Johnson shared text messages with FOX13 between her daughters Tuesday.

"I can't really see where you at. I'm about to walk in, here I am," Johnson read.

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One of Johnson's daughters is a 10th grader at Overton High, who reached out to her older sister Zquorea Clark saying she was being bullied.

"I called several times, I couldn't get any answers. 'Oh, I can't find your daughter," Johnson recalled. "I was being placed on hold for long periods of time. I'm very upset about that," Johnson said.

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Police said Clark is one of several caught-on video fighting in the middle of the day, in the middle of a hallway. The 20-year-old was arrested along with Tiara Patterson, 19, who detectives said was another outsider who got in.

"That's why I sent my daughter to check her out, because in my mind I'm getting jumped and all I can see is blood," Johnson said.

According to police, Clark was armed with a 3-inch screw bit, something that 'could' have been a weapon. Johnson said things just spiraled out of control. Now, one daughter is facing criminal charges, the other is facing possible suspension from school.
"She's not a troubled kid, not a behavioral problem," Johnson said.

School leaders are still working to understand what led to the fight, while also dealing with vandalism outside the school.

"The parents got to come around," another parent, James McKenzie said. "We can have ballplayers, politicians, pastors of churches and still the family has to come together and decide it's enough."

Clark and Patterson are facing several charges to include disorderly conduct and assault. The students involved could be suspended for an entire year.