VIDEO: Mid-South high school student choked, handcuff by student resource officer

MONROE COUNTY, Ark. — An Arkansas high school is afraid to go back to school after an encounter with a school resource officer.

A’kayla Johnson told FOX13, "He choked me and drug me in the hallway. I couldn’t breathe while he was choking me." Cell phone video captured the incident unfold at Brinkley High School.

She hasn’t gone back to school since the officer chocked and handcuffed her Thursday.

Johnson told FOX13 before things turned violent, she tried to explain to the officer that she was staying at school because she didn’t have a ride home.

She told us she usually helps out during a band class after early dismissal because she doesn't have transportation home.

A substitute teacher told us she was confused about why the school resource officer was called.

Brinkley police told us the officer is Bobby Burnet. He’s a former chief with Cotton Plant Police who was fired from that previous job.

We tried calling Burnett—but he didn’t pick up.

When Johnson looked at the video, all she wanted was for the officer to be punished. "I feel like he should apologize because it wasn't that serious and I don't have anything else to say to him."
FOX13 reached out to the school district. Brinkley County Schools released the following statement:

"Brinkley Public Schools is aware of a cell phone video captured and posted to social media, showing an incident involving a student and the school resource officer that took place on Thursday, October 3rd. We appreciate your concern, and we are concerned as well.  We are in the process of doing a comprehensive investigation. This is atypical, and we take these things seriously."

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