• Vigil held for teen killed in Binghampton

    By: Zach Crenshaw


    More than 100 people gathered in Binghampton to remember a life cut far too short.

    A 17-year-old young man, Diego, was shot and killed outside a grocery store on Tillman street Monday night.

    At the vigil, Pastor Shun Abram addressed the crowd that showed up for Diego and his family.

    "This past Sunday Diego gave his heart to Christ. Right at the end of service. I was closing out and gave the invitation," said Pastor Abram. "He stood up and said 'Hold on, wait a minute, wait a minute.' He said, 'Man this is what I want to do.'"

    "Right then and there he trusted Christ with his life and I was going to talk to him about baptism this coming Sunday. He told one of his friends he was changing his life around."

    24 hours later, Diego was gunned down outside the grocery store, across the street from where worshipped Sunday.

    At the vigil Tuesday, mothers who had lost sons to gun violence spoke to the other young men about retaliation.

    "When are y'all going to stop? You same ones out here are committing these acts," said one mother who lost her son three years ago.

    "I understand that [desire] but we know that when it comes down to retaliation, without letting the proper ways run its course, it just causes more problems," said Pastor Abram. "Just more families that are hurt."

    Enough families have already been hurt, and every community is ready to stop having Vigils, and stop saying goodbye to young men with so much life ahead of them.


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