• Vigil held one year after house fire on Severson Avenue that claimed 10 lives

    By: Marius Payton


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - One year ago, a house fire on Severson Avenue claimed the lives of 10 people. Today, a vigil was held

    FOX13 was at a vigil for the family where these families continue to grieve. We saw hugs and tears one year after a fire tore through a house killing 10 people including 7 children, but even a year later, on top of the grief, a quest to find out why it happened is still at the forefront.

    When asked what goes through her mind when she sees the house where her daughter and grandchildren died, Veronica Trammell’s answer is raw.

    "My babies burning, how couldn't they get out of locked fire bars," Trammell said.

    The pain on Veronica Trammell's face is clearly visible one year later. Her reality shaken to its core as flames burned the house to the ground. Her daughter and a grandson died that morning as well.


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    "Not just them,” she added. “Before my daughter had the other kids, the other children were my grandkids too, so not just them it's all of them."

    She told FOX13, every waking moment she has questions. How did this happen? Why did this happen? But answers are hard to find.

    "Somebody tell us something that happened. Somebody knows who this handyman is you know. I've been wondering just let us know what happened the night of the fire, I still don't know anything," Trammell said.

    When asked who she blames. "The city. The state. The mayor. Nobody came out. No condolences. No answers, no anything. I'm just stuck with an empty house," Trammell added.

    So, as this family gathers to celebrate, remember and honor ten lives lost, they do so with one quest in mind.

    "I'm going to always look for answers to the day I die. I always want to know what happened to my children. What happened at this house," Trammell told FOX13.

    Trammell said she wants everyone to know about the dangers of the security bars. She said instead of protecting her family, the bars lead to their deaths.  

    You can see the vigil from Tuesday evening below. 

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