Violent incident led to warrants for Brandon Webber, man shot and killed by U.S. Marshals

WATCH: Violent incident led to warrants for Brandon Webber, man shot and killed by U.S. Marshals

HERNANDO, Miss. — Law enforcement officials in Hernando provided new information Thursday detailing what led to the warrants for the arrest of Brandon Webber ahead of Wednesday night’s deadly shooting.

Webber was shot to death by U.S. Marshals in Frayser Wednesday night after investigators said they attempted to serve those warrants.

In a press conference, John Champion – the District Attorney over the 17th Circuit Court District in Mississippi – said those warrants stemmed from a shooting on June 3, 2019.

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BRANDON WEBBER WARRANTS: Officials in Hernando are providing new information regarding the violent incident that led to warrants for his arrest. He was shot and killed by US Marshals last night. Who is Brandon Webber:

Posted by FOX13 Memphis on Thursday, June 13, 2019

Champion told FOX13 a man was shot multiple times while trying to sell his vehicle through Facebook.

“He was shot five times,” Champion said of the June 3 victim.

The victim, a Hernando resident, is expected to survive, but he is still hospitalized.


The car owner agreed to meet up with Webber in Hernando to sell his Infiniti G-35, according to Champion.

During the test drive, the owner said Webber stopped the car near MLK and Hill Street. The owner approached the driver’s side and said Webber shot him multiple times, Champion said.

Champion told FOX13 they pulled over and were in the process of switching – because the owner was going to drive – when the shooting happened. Champion said Webber pulled the trigger in the June 3 shooting.

When Marshals were in Memphis, they were “well aware of his propensity for violence,” Champion said of Webber.

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He discussed the Marshals being on the case and pursuing the warrants for Webber.

“They’re more apt to capture violent fugitives. It’s obvious that he had no appreciation for the value of human life,” Champion said while referencing the alleged crime in Hernando.

There is still an additional suspect

“We still have a suspect. The Marshals are still looking for him as well,” Champion said.

That suspect is believed to be in Memphis. Champion did not say what charges that individual will face or discuss that person’s involvement in June 3 shooting.

Warrants for Brandon Webber were issued on June 8.

The vehicle Webber was driving when the Marshals found him was the stolen vehicle, according to John Champion. The District Attorney said investigators spent three-to-four days going through leads and tips, and Webber was developed as the suspect in the case.

Webber used a “bogus Facebook account and a bogus phone number” when contacting the victim about ‘buying’ the car, according to Champion.

“This was very planned, what he did down here,” Champion said.

Webber’s warrants were for aggravated assault, armed robbery, and conspiracy to commit armed robbery. Champion said attempted murder was not one of the charges they filed because aggravated assault carries more jail time.

“The Marshals were dealing with a violent suspect,” Champion said. “I wish that people would sit back and just see what happened. It wasn’t something where (the Marshals) went roughshod into Memphis trying to find somebody. This is a violent felon who obviously didn’t want to go to jail.”

Champion continued and said, “They did what they had to do.”

“We believe that he drove Webber down here,” Champion said of the second suspect who is still wanted in connection to the June 3 incident. “He was not on the test drive.”

“We have absolutely no evidence they knew each other,” Champion said of the June 3 victim and Webber.