Vocal member of CLERB out, Memphis mayor's office confirms

Marek not reappointed to CLERB

A new face is coming to the Memphis Citizen Law Enforcement Review Board now that one of its most vocal members is out.

Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland decided not to reappoint Attorney John Marek.

Both the chairman and vice chairman of that board told FOX13 Monday they wanted Marek to stay.

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"My term expired on June 30 and I was not re appointed,” said Marek after finding out it was one term and done as a member of CLERB.

An email from Strickland’s office gave the official confirmation.

“Mr. Marek's board term has been completed and no decision has been made on the vacant position at this time,” said City of Memphis spokesperson Arlenia Cole.

"I can't help but wonder if the reason I wasn't reappointed was because I speak out and try to affect change and do good things,” said Marek.

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CLERB matters because the board hears complaints from citizens about alleged police misconduct.

Reginald Johnson, a homeowner who went to CLERB, claimed officers assaulted him when he called about another man found bleeding on his front yard.

CLERB ruled in his favor but the police director took no action in this case and every recommendation was made by the board.

"Until I see a decision actually being made the CLERB and accepted by the police director, then I am worried about the future of the board," Marek said.

Marek has been vocal about the board's frustration and expressed it to the media. A self-described friend of Mayor Strickland, Marek told FOX13 what city hall said the reason why they no longer needed his services.

"I was told by someone in the administration that they did not want activists on the board, but however, I think in the times we live in and the issues CLERB deals with we need activists,” said Marek.

At least one city councilmember told FOX13 appointments are not life-long positions.