• Walmart responds after Memphis woman claims money was stolen during transfer

    By: Scott Madaus


    MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Wednesday, we told you about Barbara Gamble.

    She tried to send her mother money with the Walmart money transfer service, but shortly after leaving the store, the money was picked up at another Walmart just down the road.

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    Gamble is still furious that someone was able to get her personal information while also diverting the $460 she was trying to send to her sick mother through the Hickory Hill Walmart.

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    Thursday, we spoke with Walmart Corporate. They told us they could not talk about the ongoing Memphis Police Department investigation other than saying they are also listed as a victim in the investigation.

    Gamble was trying to send her mother money so she could pay her rent. Her mother lives in Searcy, Arkansas, but the money was picked up in Memphis. 

    According to Gamble, after she left, someone called and had the money sent just down the road to another Walmart off East Shelby Drive.

    Gamble said the Hickory Hill store finally offered to refund her money, however, she declined because she said corporate told her they would speak to her about options on Monday.

    Gamble said the whole situation is aggravating.

    Gamble is furious that her mother doesn't have the money she sent and even more so now that her personal information was so easily accessed after trying to make a simple transaction.

    “These people we see, they are crooks. They know where I live. They know my name. I guess this guy, he knows my face because he saw me there. I mean that's scary within itself,” said Gamble.

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