WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Surveillance video released of deadly shooting over alleged stolen chainsaw

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The family of a man shot in the back while allegedly stealing a chainsaw from a Memphis business has released surveillance video of his death.

The family’s attorney gave FOX13 permission to broadcast the video to our viewers, which we warn you may be disturbing to some viewers, as it does show the moment of the shooting.

In the video, a man can be seen running from the business and falling to the ground. The man appears to be unresponsive and doesn't move.

Another man can be seen walking up to the unresponsive person, grabbing an item and walking away.

Latrice Greer, the mother of two of Robinson’s children, said the video speaks for itself.

Investigators said the victim, Lamorris Robinson, suffered multiple gunshot wounds to his back Oct. 16.

Charles Kalb is charged with first-degree murder and having a prohibited weapon after investigators says he shot Robinson with a sawed-off shotgun. Robinson was unarmed and was running away, court records said.

The shotgun barrel used was only 14-inches long “making it a prohibited weapon,” police said.

Kalb is out of jail on $1 million bond.

The shooting happened in the 2600 block of Mount Moriah near Kalb’s business Mid-South Small Engines.

Family Attorney Howard Manis plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit this week

He said he is also working on getting more video from inside Kalb's store.

The family hopes this video will shed light on the case.