Wasps swarming Mid-South neighborhoods; experts list ways to prevent swarms

WATCH: Wasps swarming Mid-South neighborhoods

Exterminators are seeing an increase in calls about wasps throughout the Mid-South.

It’s the prime season for wasps and the pests are not going anywhere until winter.

“There was a huge nest under the eaves of the house there and they bombarded me when I came out of the house,” said Germantown resident William Phillips.

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Phillips said he hates having to deal with wasps buzzing around everywhere in the spring.

He prepared early by spraying around his house after dealing with a giant wasp nest last year.

Experts said 95 percent of the wasp population survived during the mild winter.

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“A lot of calls coming in on wasps right now and they will for about the next two to three weeks,” said Lanier James with James Pest Management.

James suggests using wasp spray with petroleum products once a week to get rid of the wasps.

He said it takes one to two weeks for a wasp to build a nest.

“Normally catch one right in the early stages if you patrol your house and zap him and you don’t get that build up,” said Lanier.

The typical hiding places are in the eaves of your roof and attics.

Lanier argues the wasp spray is more effective than pest control bombs.

“It kills on contact and it does has some residual effect,” said Lanier.

Lanier said during the fall it’s important to seal the cracks and crevices in your home so you can avoid dealing with wasps making nests.