"We're calling almost every day:" Family desperate for answers after man goes missing in Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A California man is still missing after visiting Memphis on a day trip nearly 2 weeks ago.

Sean Turner hasn't been seen, although his burned up rental car was found last week in South Memphis.

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FOX13 spoke with Turner's daughter Wednesday evening and found that even though the family is back in California, their hearts and hopes are still in Memphis.

"We go through those times where we have breakdowns about it, but we have just so many family and friends with us that are so supportive," said Whitnee Turner, the daughter of Sean Turner.

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It's that fragile space between hope and grief.

That's where you can find the family of Sean Turner, the California father of three.

He went missing here in Memphis on November 14th and he hasn't been seen since.

News about his disappearance has been slow to come in.

"We're calling almost every day, but so far no news. So we know they are working on it, and we're just trying to wait patiently for something to come up," said Turner.

Friends of Turner's back in California are still in shock that a man who was so well liked with a smile that could light up a room has been missing for over 2 weeks. They too are concerned.

"They've been calling the police department I've heard and just letting them know what type of guy he is and that everyone misses him and everyone loves him," Whitnee said.

The family made the decision to go back to California while police in Memphis continue to search for clues in their father's disappearance, but even though they are miles away their hearts, hopes and prayers have never left Memphis.

(What are you asking for at night?) "Just guidance from God to help keep our family strong, keep us close. To help shine light on where our father is and to bring him home safely," said Turner.

The family said they are continuing to plead with Memphians for their help in finding their father.

They are still offering a $20,000 reward for any information surrounding the disappearance of Sean Turner.