• West Memphis police cracking down on school zone violations

    By: Jeremy Pierre


    WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. - West Memphis police officers are cracking down on drivers who violate school zone laws but there is a problem.

    Due to manpower, officers can’t be at every school. 

    The West Memphis Police Department said drivers disobeying school zone laws is an increasing problem.

    Officers wrote those violations near two schools.

    The department said because of manpower they can’t patrol every school zone during the beginning and end of the school day.

    Darrell and Dr. Chasity Dean Anthony represent the Coalition of a Quality Crittenden County.

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    "When I was coming to the school today somebody darted out and not waiting for a child to come across,” Darrell said. 

    School resource officers are currently only at the three junior high schools and one senior high school.

    Leaving patrol officers in West Memphis to rotate securing seven other school zones.

    "I think people become desensitized to the signs and distracted driving,” Anthony said.

    Police told FOX13 come March 25 all 11 of the district schools will have a resource officer.

    Until then the Anthonys said drivers need to become more aware of the laws before a child gets hurt.

    "You don't know if a child is going to dart out from behind a car or dot out in front of a car,” Darrell said.

    According to West Memphis police, in the last two days more than ten people have been cited for traffic violations in school zones.

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