• West Memphis police deny accusations of police brutality

    By: Marius Payton


    WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. - There are more allegations against the West Memphis Police Department.

    Montana Ceaser claims he was beaten by police. The police deny the accusations.

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    Now after seeing the police report, it's Ceaser who's saying "that didn't happen."

    Ceaser said the police department lied in their report. He said there's a few things in the report he has issues with.

    FOX13 also had a chance to speak with the man Ceaser was riding with the night he was beaten. The man claims he was targeted by West Memphis officers.

    “Yes, this is truly a lie. And three times on the right side of my face, how did I get this? This is the right side of my face. How did I get this? Come on now. How did I get stitches right here and y'all hit me on the right side of my face?"

    After reading the West Memphis Police Departments version of what happened, Montana Ceaser pointed to the stitches he has on the left side of his face from his encounter with West Memphis police.

    He continued to deny the police report. Specifically, the number of officers they say punched him.

    "How is one police gonna put all these bruises on my face for me to get stitches?"

    When asked if more than 1 officer hit him, his reply. "Four other police officers that came to scene beat me."

    Ceaser and Daniel Reyes, who also claims he was tased in the face and has a rib injury by West Memphis police after fleeing with Caesar that night, walked me through their decision to run. Reyes said he was targeted by a certain West Memphis police officer.

    "I was scared because he already told me saying that if I missed my court date that he had something for me," Reyes claimed.

    More strong allegations against the WMPD. We asked West Memphis City Attorney David Peeples about the claims. He told FOX13 that he has the preliminary information and that it's still too early to tell what happened.

    He also said that more facts will come out, other than what Ceaser and Reyes have presented to FOX13.

    Ceaser stood by his claims and still has issues believing that the punishment fit the crime.

    "I understand we ran. It's really why we ran because we know that we were gonna have to catch the consequences. But the consequences shouldn't have been like that," said Ceaser.

    Both men told us that they have spoken with an attorney to see what legal options that have.

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