West Memphis working in better plan for trash pick up

West Memphis working in better plan for trash pick up

The City of West Memphis is now working on becoming a cleaner place. It launched a new program to let people know when to set out items like debris that can't go in the garbage.

Mayor Marco McClendon told us this new system is a quick fix for people who just want to know what they can and can't throw away – and when to do it.

Robbie Amos with Commercial Environment Control told FOX13, "We take care of every apartment, every street anywhere, where you see debris."

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Crews the West Memphis Public Works Department are cleaning up the streets as a part of the new initiative ‘operation clean city.'

McClendon told us, "a cleaner city is a safer city… we want to make sure it is clean and looks desirable for people coming through our city."

People who live in West Memphis can now throw out stuff they don't want anymore that can't be picked up on the daily garbage pickups.

The city said garbage pick-ups are reserved for things like household kitchen items and food. The city now picks up trash one day a week according to a resident's ward.

FOX13 obtained a map the city that's included in the utility bill. It shows each district highlighted and the day for individual pick up.

McClendon said, "for example, Wednesday and you put out trash, Thursday it is going to sit out all the way until next Wednesday, and that is an eye soar for our city. So, we want to make sure they are educated that Tuesday is the day you put out the trash or early Wednesday morning."

Crews are also putting in addition work around the city—outside of its works typical routine. The Director for Public Works said illegal dumping has been an issue in the past and now they're trying to fix that too.

"We go out, and we don't care if there are tires in a ditch. We get the tires out. Anywhere were paper is destroyed on the street we pick that up as well. We also clean up behind dumpsters because we are commercial. When trucks spill, I have a crew that cleans that up also," Amos said.

The city has cleaned up over 200 tires this month so far. It plans to have a tire drop of where people can get rid of up to four tires.