What is TDOT doing to monitor road conditions?

What is TDOT doing to monitor road conditions during this winter weather?

Patricia Wright told us she doesn't care one bit for the idea of things getting frozen over again tonight on the interstate.

"I think so it might be a bad freeze because it's so slippery and there's so much water out and the temperature is supposed to drop tonight." Wright said.

We found out TDOT trucks are going to be working the interstate looking for icy spots and hitting them all day long with salt to help melt them. Most of this will be done in daylight. Tuesday was not nearest half a day was Friday, according to TDOT Supervisor Deadrick Wright.

"Friday was very busy compared to today. Today there is only snow in the roadway traffic was light, but Friday we had a very bad day," Wright said.

There are 20 TDOT snow trucks in Shelby County they will continue to drive the county looking for slick spots any leftover snow pushed off with a plow. There is also hope that the sun will help melt off anything left in the road.