• What's next for DeSoto County teacher after X-rated video of her shared from her phone?

    By: Leah Jordan


    DESOTO CO., Miss. - A DeSoto County teacher is out of a job after an X-rated video of her spread through the halls of Horn Lake High School. 

    That’s where the teacher’s LinkedIn states she taught. 

    ORIGINAL STORY: Officials investigating after explicit video shared from DeSoto County teacher’s phone

    FOX13 is choosing not to identify the teacher at this point because officials have not specified whether she was the victim of a crime or potentially committed a crime. 

    FOX13 Investigative Reporter Leah Jordan dug through Mississippi law and spoke to law enforcement about a couple different directions the case could go as of now. If an investigation reveals the teacher is a victim of a crime, an officer explained that she’ll have the opportunity to press charges. 

    One possible charge could be statute §97-29-45: obscene electronic communications

    According to Mississippi law, it’s illegal for anyone to make any request, comment, or proposal by electronic communication that’s obscene or lewd, and it can’t be sent with the intent to abuse or harass someone. 

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    On the other hand, the teacher could press charges under statute §97-45-17: the posting of messages through electronic media for purpose of causing injury to a person

    But the investigation is ongoing – and it’s entirely possible the outcome will show that the teacher is in the wrong. A potential charge against her, if that were the case, might be statute §97-5-27: dissemination of sexually oriented material to someone under 18, or using a computer for the purpose of luring or inducing someone under 18 to engage in a sexual act. 

    One more possibility might be §97-29-3: adultery and fornication, between teacher and pupil

    Again, these are simply possibilities of what could come out of this situation. 

    FOX13 contacted the Horn Lake Police Department to check in and see if there is any new information. They said as of Friday, they’re waiting to see what comes from DeSoto County Schools’ investigation. 

    Once they review that, they’ll go from there to find out what criminal elements may be involved, if any. 

    The Mississippi Educator Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct says any educator license may be revoked or suspended for engaging in an educator/student relationship. FOX13 decided to research the teacher’s license to see if it’s revoked or suspended as of now. 

    FOX13 found it on the Mississippi Department of Education’s website but couldn’t tell whether it’s suspended or not.

    A woman with the Mississippi Department of Education said that information is not available online, and that they wouldn’t fulfill a public records request on the subject, either.

    She said disciplinary actions are private in Mississippi.

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