‘White boy I want you out of here': Local man says neighbor threatened him, roommate with knife

WATCH: Local man says neighbor threatened him, roommate with knife

SOUTH MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A disabled man who said his neighbor threatened him and his roommate in South Memphis with a kitchen knife said he wants the suspect to get some help.

Eric Graber, 59, who is disabled and in a wheelchair, said the suspect told him and his roommate he didn’t want white people or an old man living there.

People in the 100 block of Simpson Street said they saw several Memphis police cars after the accused suspect threatened the two men.

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Graber told FOX13 he heard his neighbor, Billy Brown, yelling at them from his apartment downstairs Saturday morning.

“He’s up here yelling, ‘White boy I want you out of here. I want you out of this apartment by tonight, you’re going to be white boy,’” said Graber.

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Graber said he ignored Brown because he is used to him yelling and ranting from his home. But then what happened next caught him by surprise.

“Boom! The door is crashed in, he comes in wielding a knife… runs in wielding a knife attacking me,” Graber said.

Police said they noticed the front iron door open and the wooden door kicked off the hinges of the apartment when they arrived.

“The door was locked and dead-bolted, so what could I do? I’m sorry, but if I would have had a gun, I probably would have shot the guy,” said Graber.

Although the door is back up, the damage is still visible from where it was kicked in.

Graber said he grabbed an iron bar to defend himself and told Brown to leave.

Woodson Ivy, who moved to the neighborhood 13 years ago, said he knows Brown personally and believes he may have a mental disability.

“The guy, he just needs some help,” Ivy said.

None of the victims were hurt. Brown was charged with aggravated burglary.