White Station High School Homecoming Royalty gets national attention

WATCH: White Station High School Homecoming Royalty gets national attention

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A White Station High School senior is making history and getting some national attention.

It was a historic moment Brandon Allen said he never imagined. He was crowned Homecoming Royalty at White Station High School Friday.

Allen said he tried to join the homecoming court his sophomore and junior years, but he says those attempts were unsuccessful. Now he said he's grateful for being a role model after the big win.

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"I'm really truly honored to have so much support behind my own decision that I didn't even know was a big decision," Allen said. "I was just like ‘hey I'm going to do want to do best and I'm going to do me.'"

White Station High School shared a photo of Allen's win on social media. Now it's been shared thousands of times with thousands of comments, the majority of them supporting the teen.

FOX13's Kirstin Garriss asked Allen what message this sends to other schools and other students like him.

"Diversity is awesome, and it should be in every school – bullying is not acceptable. I think the message is 'Be yourself, don't care about what anybody else says, have the confidence in yourself enough to love yourself,'" Allen said.

There have been some negative comments, but Allen said he hasn't seen them.

His principal defended Allen's decision to run for Homecoming Court.

Superintendent Dr. Joris Ray also weighed in on Twitter, saying in part, "The district is committed to ensuring a positive and respectful school environment where everyone is treated with dignity. Homecoming Queen and King is a tradition based 100 percent on student votes."

Allen hopes this encourages other LGBTQ students to be themselves.

"The LGBT community is here. We're in schools, you know, we're out here living our best lives and no one's going to stop me whether you're trying to bully me or not, threaten me or not, I don't care I'm going to be myself unapologetically, " Allen said.


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