• White Station HS open Monday after dealing with heating issues inside school


    UPDATE; 11/18 @ 9:40 p.m.

    White Station HS will be open Monday, November 19, according to the White Station High School. According to the tweet, techs assured the school that they restored heating to all areas except 2 classrooms where the coils were busted. They will repair when the parts come in. Until then, the district will provide portable heating units for those rooms.


    Following the early dismissal Thursday due to heating issues, White Station High School will be closed Friday. 

    School officials released the following statement regarding their decision to cancel classes for tomorrow: 

    We understand the frustration of families, students and staff who have been inconvenienced by heating issues in our schools this week. Any disruptions to instruction are always taken very seriously, particularly those that involve the well-being of our students and staff. Every year, our Facilities team uses a variety of preventative maintenance measures to prepare heating systems to handle extreme temperatures and weather conditions. However, most of our buildings and heating systems are very old as a result of long-deferred maintenance, which leads to unexpected complications like those we are experiencing this week.
    Crews have been working throughout the day to address ongoing complications with the heating system at White Station High School and will continue through the evening. However, we do not expect the repairs to be completed in time for the start of the school on Friday, November 16, so unfortunately the school will be closed again. Unlike other schools that have experienced heating issues in isolated areas this week, White Station High has building-wide issues, so it is far more difficult to make adjustments to keep everyone warm as some of the other schools have been able to do.
    Every decision we make will continue to have the safety and well-being of students and staff first and foremost in mind. Thankfully, forecasts are calling for warmer temperatures next week, which will hopefully give us some time to ensure all of the issues can be further inspected and resolved without any impact to our students and staff. In the meantime, we are treating every reported heating issue as a priority, whether it affects one room or an entire school, and our Facilities crews will continue to work diligently each day and night to make the needed repairs.


    For the second time this week, White Station High School was closed early due to heating issues. 

    Parents and students alike took to social media to express their frustrations on the lack of heat -- and in turn the lack of a quick decision to close the school.

    Instead of heat, students said cold air was blowing out of the vents.

    FOX13 received multiple calls and social media messages about issues.

    Shelby County Schools ultimately decided to dismiss classes early at White Station. Students were let out at 11:30 a.m. -- that decision was posted on social media at 10:36 a.m.

    We asked SCS why they classes weren't canceled altogether. In a statement, the school system said the decision was made to reopen because issues identified on Wednesday were believed to be resolved. They said new issues were discovered Thursday morning.

    FOX13 was at the White Station campus as school was letting out. We saw students bundled up in blankets as they exited the building.

    We spoke to students and parents as the school was letting out.

    "It felt like it was in the 30s, really," said Clifton Boyce Jr., a student. 

    Boyce's father was upset by the lack of heat inside the school as well, saying proper heating when temperatures are this cold is a "bare necessity."

    Several students from other schools called FOX13 saying they were without heat too. 

    When we asked SCS about those claims, officials said White Station HS was the only school that dismissed early. They didn't say if any schools were dealing with heat issues. 

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