Whitehaven homeowners making repairs after city solid waste crew knocks down power lines

WATCH: Lines knocked down in Whitehaven neighborhood

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Several Whitehaven homeowners are dealing with property damage after a city solid waste worker took down some power lines.

One homeowner said she looked out her patio window and saw two power poles in her backyard.

Kimberly Dobbins said her backyard is clean for the first time in five days after not one, but two power poles fell in her backyard.

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Dobbins said a solid waste crew was trimming trees on her block last week, when one of them started driving off with its rig still up, taking down a power pole.

“Power lines were hanging in our backyard… when I came out power lines were also in my front yard,” Dobbins said.

She said just like dominos after one pole went down, two others toppled over with it. Dobbins said one pole snapped in half, and the other landed on her shed.

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"Initially I didn’t see any damage, but because it’s a mental shed. The roof could have shifted, I don’t know yet."

In a statement to FOX13, a city spokesperson said:

"The Division is aware of this incident and apologizes for the damages caused."

Dobbins said city crews cleaned up the debris and most of the wires this afternoon, but she doesn’t understand why it took almost a week to clean up.

“It makes me wonder if it were in another neighborhood would the problem been resolved quicker, because it took too long.”

A city spokesperson told us they investigate all accidents. The city’s Claim Division is working with Dobbins and other homeowners affected by the accident.