Whitehaven homeowners say SkyCop cameras starting to pay dividends by reducing crime

WATCH: Whitehaven homeowners say SkyCop cameras starting to pay dividends by reducing crime

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Whitehaven homeowners said the SkyCop camera neighbors raised their own money for is making many people feel somewhat safer.

Neighbors told FOX13 car break-ins and vandalisms are major problems, but one SkyCop camera on Graceland Drive is already making a difference.

Bridget Bradley, the president of the Watchful Eye Neighborhood Watch Association, said they are not tolerating crime in their community anymore.

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“Don’t commit the crimes, I mean it’s plenty of jobs out here. Go get a job, work for what you want. These people in our neighborhood – they are retired, they have worked for these houses and for these homes,” Bradley said.

In October 2018, the group raised nearly $6,000 for those cameras. The one on Graceland was the first to go up in January, and others are going up soon.

Bradley said although crime is still prevalent, it was much worse last summer.

She told FOX13 that her neighbor, who was an innocent bystander, dodged bullets after a shootout in a car.

Bradley said although neighbors are still reporting shootings, the SkyCop cameras are turning the area around.

Neighbors said there is still work to do. In the past 90 days, there have been 59 auto thefts, 56 burglaries and 110 vandalism incidents within a one-mile radius of Graceland Drive, according to crime data.

Those numbers are much higher compared to when FOX13 spoke with Bradley last October – there were only three vandalism incidents along with other crimes.

Bradley said last summer neighbors were reporting car break-ins and vandalisms at least twice a week, but they’re reporting fewer this year.

“We’re just going to saturate this whole neighborhood. That’s my goal, saturate this neighborhood with cameras. I want to keep the criminal element out,” she said.

Bradley told FOX13 they hope to have a total of four SkyCop cameras by the end of 2020, but everything has to go through city council.

The group also received $2,500 from the city in 2018 for their efforts.