Who is Fulton McKinney: Man found dead in Memphis car wash?

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Who is Fulton McKinney? The only thing anyone definitively knows is that the homeless man was found dead in an empty Memphis car wash stall last month covered in maggots.

His death is not considered suspicious, but it has raised a number of questions. The biggest one: who was he?

Some say he was a veteran, but the VA does not have him in their system.

Some say he has a son, but no one can find him.

Two Memphians helped McKinney get food and water during the last few years of his life. Now that he’s dead, they want to track down any of his living family members.

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If he in fact is a veteran, they want him to get a proper burial.

Without his social security number, the VA cannot confirm if he was ever enlisted in the military.