Who is Martez Abram: Man accused of killing 2 managers, injuring officer at Southaven Walmart

WATCH: Investigators search home of suspect in deadly shooting

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — Two managers at a Southaven Walmart were killed, and an officer was injured after a deadly shooting.

Martez Abram, 39, is accused of shooting the two employees to death and injuring an officer Tuesday morning.

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One employee was shot inside the store, another employee was shot outside the store. Both were killed. Families of the victims confirmed their identities as Brandon Gales and Anthony Brown – both were fathers.

A Southaven officer was also shot during the incident, but he is expected to be ok. The bulletproof vest he was wearing stopped the bullet. He was released from the hospital Wednesday around 1:30 p.m. and is recovering at home.

According to investigators, authorities recovered several weapons at the scene. Martez will be facing two charges of murder after his release from the hospital, but officials said more charges could be coming.

"I believe the ATF is checking on (the weapons) right now, and the weapons were purchased legally," said DeSoto County District Attorney John Champion.

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Champion told FOX13 Abram is an employee who was recently suspended from the store. The mayor of Southaven called the deadly shooting a case of workplace violence and referred to Abram as a "disgruntled employee."

The DA told FOX13 he was possibly suspended after bringing a knife to work a few days earlier. According to a police report, Abram got into an argument with a coworker around 5:30 a.m. on July 27.

The victim told police the argument was over who moved the inventory they were placing on display. At that point, investigators said Abram lifted up his shirt and showed a brown and green hunting knife in his waistband.

Police said Abram did not pull it out or make any statements threatening to harm the victim. The victim did not press charges.

Officials said Abram didn't have a criminal history before the shooting in Southaven.

Investigators will review all angles of store surveillance video to put together the crime. It is unclear if Abrams has made any statements since he is recovering at Regional One in Memphis.

Neighbors of Abrams told FOX13 he did not talk much. He lived at the Southcrest Lake Apartments in Southaven, which is just a five-minute drive from the Walmart.

"The couple of times I saw him he was quiet," said neighbor Bennette Henderson.

Henderson said she woke up Tuesday morning to law enforcement knocking on her door. She said police knocked on her door and told her to evacuate the building.

Multiple agencies raided Abram's home Tuesday night. Law enforcement sources told FOX13 they were looking for guns, ammo and a manifesto.

Also listed on the search warrant, law enforcement had hoped to find Walmart clothing, any type of material that could be used to start a fire, and IEDs (improvised explosive devices).

Multiple sources told FOX13 they seized ammo, gun stocks, firearm accessories and something vaguely described as "personal papers of interest."

What they did not find, sources said, was any evidence of prescription drugs or illegal drugs.