Why MPD took five years to make arrest after Jimmie Martin's first confession

Sherra Wright’s cousin could be the one to put her behind bars for life.

According to investigators, her cousin, Jimmie Martin, first turned on her in 2012. Billy Turner and Sherra Wright were not arrested until more than five years later. Sherra Wright’s defense team is looking to shift the suspicion on to Martin.

At Wednesday’s bond hearing they questioned Martin’s reliability and integrity. The attorney’s also said, why did it take seven years to solve, if Martin confessed back in 2012?

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Sherra Wright will soon be on trial for first degree murder. In large part because of her cousin, Jimmie Martin, told police she masterminded her ex-husband’s death and led them to one of the murder weapons.

“[Martin’s] testimony is also corroborated with huge physical evidence,” said prosecutor Paul Hagerman. “A lake in Mississippi, where at the bottom of it sits a firearm, for years and years and years. And when it is finally recovered, it matches what? Every 9mm shell casing right there around the body of Lorenzen Wright.”

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The information about the murder plot and submerged weapon was presented to MPD homicide detectives back in 2012, after Jimmie Martin was convicted of murdering his girlfriend, then flipped on his cousin.

“I don't think anyone has looked at or mentioned the fact that Mr. Martin gave this statement in 2012,” said Steve Farese Jr., who is representing Sherra Wright. “And if you were so reliable, why weren't any arrests made at that time? Why was there no cooperation at that time?

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The defense hinted that the answer could play a major role in their trial strategy.

It’s a question FOX13 asked Lorenzen’s Mom, Deborah Marion.

“What do you think about the fact that it took six years for an arrest,” asked FOX13’s Zach Crenshaw.

“They just weren't doing their job,” said Marion. “They just didn't have the right people working the case.”

The MPD and District Attorney have not answered any questions about the potentially delayed arrests of Sherra Wright and Billy Turner.

“That is something I can't comment on at this time. I can tell you that Mr. Ballin and Mr. Farese are going to do their job,” said Paul Hagerman, who is prosecuting the case for the District Attorney’s office.

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FOX13 has learned the MPD did look into some of Martin’s claims in the past. Detectives had the Mississippi lake searched years before, but with no success. When the Multi-Agency Gang Unit took over the case though, the brought in the FBI dive.

They discovered the murder weapon, then tapped Billy and Sherra’s cell phones, as well as in-person surveillance.

The investigation has led to both suspects in jail clothes, just like Jimmie Martin.