Why nobody has applied to grow or sell marijuana in Arkansas

It's been nearly 8 months since Arkansas voters approved the sale of medical marijuana.

Some predicted a "Green rush" for businesses hoping to cash in. FOX13 discovered it may not be that easy to make a buck, and what we learned could possibly delay your chances of obtaining medical marijuana by the end of the year.

As of this week, not a single application to grow or sell medical marijuana has been turned in. Not one.

Beale Street business owner Bud Chittom and a group of investors hired a consultant, pulled the paperwork, and started the process to apply to operate a medical marijuana dispensary. Two weeks later?

"We went to the sidelines," Chittom said.

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Medical marijuana is being governed by the Arkansas ABC board. Director Mary Robin Casteel told FOX13 he's looking for all kinds of information.

"We are asking for a significant amount of information from these people, including background checks," Casteel said.

Casteel told FOX13 they'll also be looking for proof of finances, but it's the changes made *after* voters approved the medical marijuana law that forced Chittom and his group to back off.

"You're just not going to make a Knouff money. One of the rules in Arkansas is you have to have 24 hour a day armed security. Two security people. $250,000 a year," Casteel said.

Chittom said drugstores selling narcotics don't even have that kind of security, but Casteel told FOX13  the guards are only required when marijuana is transported.

Arkansas also cracked down on what can be sold- Banning pot brownies, cookies, candies, and any other edible that would be attractive to children.

Chittom said he's disappointed.

"I think we could have done some good," Chittom told FOX13.

Applications can be turned in until late September. By then, it is hoped there will be a bumper crop of applicants.