Will there be a third trial for the Jessica Chambers murder case?

WATCH: Will there be a third trial for the Jessica Chambers murder case?

PANOLA Co. — Two trials later and there is still no justice for the family of a North Mississippi teenager.

Jessica Chambers was killed nearly four years ago when she was burned alive and left for dead.

Lisa Chambers, Jessica's mother said that she would like to see a third trial, but she isn't sure that it would turn out any different from the first two.

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"I am just a mother that is dying every day. There has got to be something they can do. They know who killed her... prove it."

Nearly five years after she lost her daughter, Lisa still has constant reminders of Jessica in her home.

"She was my baby. She was everything to me."

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District Attorney John Champion told FOX13 there is talk of trying Jessica's case a third time, but her accused killer Quinton Tellis is awaiting a completely different murder trial out of Louisiana where he allegedly tortured and cut up another woman.

"Just a lot of things when you get to this stage of a case can you realistically believe that you can prove your case beyond a reasonable doubt. The third time and it's just something we have got to look at," said Champion.

Lisa Chambers told FOX13 she worries about yet another hung jury.

"What are you going to do? They just let him walk the street...you are going to just let him walk the street and be like oh we had the evidence he killed two girls, but we couldn't do anything, so we had to let him go," said Lisa.

During each of the previous two trials, first responders said when they asked Jessica in her final moments who set her on fire, she said Eric or Derrick.

Champion said it was something the juries hearing Quinton Tellis' case could not overcome. Still he said, there may be a third trial.

"You know it's hard for me to say at this point. I will have to meet with the family and talk with them," said Champion.

Jessica's mother said there has to be a third trial.

"Do you want to be the one who is the third girl? I don't understand," said Lisa.

A trial date for Quinton Tellis has not been set yet in Louisiana.